Sandwich Solutions for Caterers

Stack with Crust On

Ideal for large numbers. Instead of making the sandwiches or buying wedges to cut up and wasting packaging, why not buy our convenient stacks. Made using malted, softgrain and wholemeal breads. Save time, money and the planet!

Stack with Crust Off

Pefect for afternoon tea or where dainty sandwiches are required. They are stacks with delicate fillings, no salad and crusts removed for your convenience. All you need to do is to cut them into three…and serve.

Caterers Tortilla Wraps – Uncut

Designed especially for the caterer when tortilla wraps are needed for a buffet. We roll them tightly and leave them uncut, to maximise freshness.

Caterers Tortilla Wraps – Cut

Here’s an example of our caterers wraps cut at an angle into 4. You can also slice them into 6-8 for a canape base.