Grab & Go Bread Products

Classic Sandwich Wedge

Our bread is made using the finest Canadian flour and available in white, softgrain, wholemeal & malted varieties.

Deep filled sandwich wedge

Our bread is thickly sliced, square and perfect for sandwiches.

Triple sandwich wedge

Perfect choice for people who are looking for a filling sandwich but can’t decide which filling to buy

Super Subs

Eight inch long subs available in oatmeal, cracked multi seed, white and wheaten varieties sliced vertically to display the mouth watering fillings.


A rich sandwich base which offers a tasty alternative to bread.

Tortilla Wraps

Vivid tomato or plain white coloured wraps are an essential part of any grab & go range and are more popular than ever.

Bloomer sandwiches

Oval shaped thick, sliced bread available in malted or poppyseed varieties. These sandwiches are an ideal option if you looking for a bite that’s a bit bigger than a classic sandwich.

Freshly baked baguettes

Freshly baked baguettes made using the finest quality ingredients with filling options to suit all tastes.

5″ floured baps

Soft, floured deli bap