Breads for Toasting

Italian ciabatta

Authentic rustic Italian ciabatta bread, individually made with extra virgin olive oil and the finest flour. Best served toasted with one of our fillings.

Seeded flat bread

Traditionally from the middle east and north African countries, this bread lends itself well to any grab & go range. It is full of flavour, not too thick and toasts quickly.

French toast doublers

A comfort food for many and a blast from the past, this is a great hot breakfast option which makes good use of an idle toasting machine in the mornings. Made using free range eggs and a choice of fillings. It’s something a bit different and has proven to be very popular.

Nigella & sesame seeded panini

Our oval shaped panini with sesame & nigella seed topping toasts very well giving a crunchy seeded top, an upmarket panini with a twist.

Hot tortilla wraps

The underrated hot wrap is a delicious product that has more emphasis on the filling than on the bread itself.

Italian Focaccia

Italian style flat breads made using herbs and olive oil. These delicious breads are ideal for toasting, full of flavour and is a speciality toasting bread.

Bar marked panini

Panino or plural panini is a classic Italian product which is very popular, ideal for toasting and lends itself to lots of fillings.

Seeded longuet

Man sized panini topped with sesame seeds. It’s a monster and not for small appetites.

English muffin

Perfect for a breakfast range or simply a lighter hot bread option.

Classic toasties

A classic at any time of the day.